Saturday, November 09, 2013

Destination Wedding

This is a watercolor of a house right on the beach at Sea Grove in the Florida Panhandle where friends will be married this spring.

Once I've painted a portrait of a home, we can always decorate it (the painting) to make holiday cards, as well as using the portrait for regular greeting and notecards.

Here's an example of a Kiawah Island home portrait I recently enhanced for the collector's Christmas card this year.

Using a print I made of the original acrylic painting, I painted boughs on the railings and put wreathes on the front door and windows. My mentor, Elmer Ruff, enjoys painting like this on the computer, in PhotoShop, but I still like the tactile qualities of paint and brushes. Thank goodness for the computer, though. This is just one of the ways it is invaluable for artists like me. I'll share some of the other ways I use it in future posts.